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Chefs and passionate cooks know that having the right kitchenware makes cooking a joy. To cook well you need fresh ingredients, simple techniques, and high-quality tools to make the experience that much more enjoyable. The single most important tool used in the creation of virtually every dish is a sharp knife. A sharp knife allows more control and less slippage when preparing food, and it is much safer than using a blunt knife that requires unnecessary force. And what’s more, cutting and slicing with a super-sharp knife simply means having much more fun in the kitchen.


With Knife crime being the way it is this is an ideal service for enthusiast Chefs who don't know where to have their Knives sharpened.


We have been running Knife rental and sharpening services since 2004 to commercial units and also to the domestic market for enthusiast Chefs.

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A quality knife is a precision instrument that can last a lifetime, but it needs a little care to ensure it remains cutting sharp. Always wash your knives by hand as harsh detergents and high heat in a dishwasher can damage them. Use a blade guard for storage and a good quality end-grain wood or rubber cutting board to keep your knives sharper for longer. Glass and marble cutting boards have hard surfaces that can permanently damage the edge of the blades.

Our highly professional sharpening service includes non-contractual commercial knife sharpening services on a 2-weekly or 4-weekly basis for businesses. Our trusted workforce has extended experience in working with all types of top quality knife brands such as:


Kai Shun

IO Shen






Robert Welch

Features of Knife Sharpening Process

- Confidence for professional and hobby chefs that their knives are being services professionally.

- Using the industry driven equipment for high quality results.

- We perform 3 critical operations in one process which includes Grinding, Honing, and Polishing.

- This method achieves optimal sharpness and maintains the strength of the blades.

Many customers report that their knives are sharper after the service than when they originally bought it.

We offers convenient, easy to locate, and varied knife sharpening services to both domestic and commercial customers in multiple industries making us the ideal choice for your knife sharpening needs. Being totally mobile, we provide an on-location solution that offers customers a greater service experience. Our network of highly accomplished and vetted craftsmen work under one umbrella to deliver recognized consistency that ensures each job is carried out efficiently and competently to the highest satisfaction of our customers every time.
Our convenient booking service makes it easy for you to book an appointment. Once you have completed a booking request on our booking hub, we will immediately notify one of our sharpening technicians in your area who will contact you to set up an appointment.

The concept took two years to develop before creating the first ever scale-able, highly mechanized platform that delivers a fast response, quality sharpening service right to your door. All you have to do to find a brand approved knife sharpening technician in your local area is enter your location, get an instant quote, and request a booking for the best on-location sharpening service available. We accept cash or credit card payments on the day.

We look forward to meeting you and becoming your partner of choice for all your commercial or domestic blade sharpening needs.

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